View Full Version : [ubuntu] Timidity daemon does nothing useful

October 2nd, 2008, 08:57 PM
I have Timidity running as a daemon as the root user, as it was configured to by the ubuntu installer. My problem is, how do I get other applications to use it? For instance when I click on a link to a midi file in firefox, I get prompted to say which application I want to open the file. If I select "timidity", another instance of timidity starts up.

What I would like is not only to be able to play the midi files using the already running timidity (which in itself is no big deal), but to be able to control the playback using an interface of some sort. In other words I want to be able to click on a midi file in a web page to play it, and then to be able to stop playback, rewind etc.

Many thanks in advance.