View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing Chinese language support

October 2nd, 2008, 11:23 AM
I just installed Chinese support on the new Hardy installation.


Here is how to do:

System/ Admin/ Language Support, click on AChinese, at the top, and Chinese, in the middle. Then install the two packages.

Then go back to System/ Admin/ Language Support again and click on the box by Input method, support for complex characters, at the bottom of the dialog.

Then you gotta re-start.

When you are back in go to System/ PREFERENCES/ and look for SCIM Input Utility. Open it and configure.

Once you open it should give you an icon on the system tray of a keyboard.

I am still playing with it. I can't enter directly into this browser yet, but I can directly into text files and the terminal and I can cut and paste here. I am using the 智能拼音 function so I can use pinyin.

Hope this helps someone, and hope my characters are rendered properly... :)