View Full Version : [ubuntu] remove a sound card from multiple sound cards?

October 1st, 2008, 10:35 PM

pretty new at this, I tried following the stickys but had no luck,

Basically I appear to have two sound cards, not sure if it's the onboard one or not but the first one is an NVidia(?) and the second is my Audigy 2,

now it always seems to default to this nvidia card, which i don't want, I have had the audigy working so I know it does work (although no idea why it keeps going back to the NVidia), and having followed the guides but can't keep it set,

is there anyway i can remove the nvidia one and just set my audigy 2 to be the soundcard?

it seems every time i change it and reboot it goes back to the one i don't want,

thanks in advance