View Full Version : [ubuntu] changes to default user account wont save

October 1st, 2008, 07:01 PM
I have been trying to add file share privilages to the default user account (account that was created during installation of ubuntu). every time i tick the box and hit ok it dosent save the new settings.

I discoverd this problem when i was trying to share a folder. then i got the error that i dont have the privilage to share it.

so i went to "user and groups" settings clicked unlock, put in my password. then properties, then user privilages and ticked "share files with local network" and hit ok.

I then discovered that it dosent save the changes. i tried ticking other things, i added aditional user information and all the changes wont save after hitting ok.

Please help

and also please can someone point me to the config file so i can do it manually if we cant resolve doing it with the gui.

thanks in advance.