View Full Version : i need to get my site up and running for my distribution

October 1st, 2008, 01:38 PM
i need some programmers and devs to help me out here im going to be using some of the darwin code here for this distribution

my website is in the sig

my ideas

i have a os name its going to be incubus

main goals

redesigned file browser main features quicklook, tabs, button customization
3d analysis applications subsection i will do mock up

more security hmmm lets see now the firewall will be ipcop and it will run with in the shell of this operating system

incubus will be running its own wm on darwin and bsd code

a redesigned office suit i will have a feature called slide show to show the documents in documents folder nice and clean office suit not to many buttons one application to run it all yes you heard

incubator a fancy back up utility backs up files on a usb also i want to add a feature where it can back up your files on a usb before installing from livecd

these are just some of the ideas now i need you guys to get yourselfs on my forum an post some mock ups and ideas or just simply on here i will be my mock up of all the plans

Nano Geek
October 1st, 2008, 07:24 PM
Sounds cool, but be prepared to do almost all of the work yourself.
Few people want to volunteer their time when all you have are ideas. Get a rough version of your distro together for people to play with, and then it will be a lot easier to get help.