View Full Version : mythtv wont play stream, but VLC does play

October 1st, 2008, 05:13 AM
I have several problems

number one is this

I have an AVC-2010 videoh pci adaptec card.
Aparently this card works with VLC, select stream, open capture device, use video4linux.
Then view local and you hear it and see it.

With mythtv, I went thru the setup and it detects the card as videoh.
I setup as much as I understand on the backend.
But when I try to use the front end, and watch TV, all I get is a black screen and no sound.
This is not a tuner card, it is a video capture card supposedly supported by mythtv. When I exit the backend configuration, I get a message saying tuner card 1 is set to channel and then tuner card 1 is set to channel, do you want to fix this and I say yes or no it makes no difference.

number 2 is

HOW do you set which video input to use on the card, composite or svideo?
The card default is to svideo.

this has some relevant info