View Full Version : [ubuntu] Application list disappears

El Nerdo Degeek
September 30th, 2008, 01:15 AM
I'll get straight to the point... After downloading a few packages (The details of which may be found here (http://tinypaste.com/9e287) on 8.04, I suddenly discovered that everything in my GNOME Panel menu above the Quit, System, and Places buttons had disappeared. I attempted a full menu instead of the small one I had before, and the applications tab would simply open a blank 3x3 box. My Recent Documents List will not erase the Recent Documents list in programs. It has no bookmarks except the default. My default file browser has been changed to Nautilus. And to top it all off, the Main Menu properties in System -> Preferences won't open.

There's my problem. Ubuntu has been fantastic up till now, and I'd like to continue using it. Anybody know how to fix this?