View Full Version : Ubuntu startup font?

November 21st, 2005, 12:27 PM
Not having managed to break anything for a couple days, time for a question or two!

When ubuntu starts up and displays all the <ok> (hopefully) messages is it possible to shange the font to something just a tad more readable?

It's getting like being in a room full of people and staring at a tv even when it's not on!! Eyes are drawn to the bright lights of ,<ok>, but all so quick and blurry (kind of a good thing don't get me wrong!!) ..........anyways.......

November 21st, 2005, 03:03 PM
are you talking about the console?

Yeah, mine seems broken as well after the upgrade to breezy. I miss my real, undistorted console.

I think this had something to do with the supercool bootsplash screen that they implemented for breezy. The graphics mode they used for this really hoses the tty consoles.