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September 25th, 2008, 02:25 AM
I guess a little bio first. I started on a TRS-80 using basic then moved up to windows and learned how to keep my hair in while using windows (which has been hard to do so far) LOL I started on windows 3.x then when xp came out I tried Knoppix, Red Hat and used Mandriva for a few weeks but had a lot of hardware issues and I was a linux newbie. So along came vista and with vista came great hair loss. I am happy to report though since switching to Ubuntu my hair is comming back now ;-) The thing I love about it is 'it just works' no errors, no conflicts just great fast computing. I'm working on gettin a few people I know at least just to try Ubuntu and so far they like it. So horray for Ubuntu. Hope I can contribute something here though I am a newbie I have learned a lot about how to make the move over to linux from windows. Well so much for the 'little' bio lol Hope all that read this have a great day....

October 18th, 2008, 04:21 PM


I myself started with an old Epson QX-10 ( w/ mbasic ;-) ), moved up from CP/M to DOS to Windows and finally to Linux.

I was also getting pretty annoyed and cynical about the direction computing was taking until I crossed over to the light side. ;-) Though I've been lucky enough not to use Vista.

And good job spreading the word, that's one of the most important contributions any of us can make.

Welcome aboard!