View Full Version : [ubuntu] Doing Updates disables wireless?

September 24th, 2008, 09:26 PM
So I've had to re-install ubuntu twice. THe first time because I configured my wireless when it didn't need configuring. The second time because I ran the 139 updates it said I had available and when they finished I had to restart. Well when it restarted my wireless wouldn't connect. SO the obvious solution is to ignore the updates but is there any way to know if it has to do with the kernel updates having issues with my rt61 driver?

The other thought is that I realized that the reason my connection was so fussy, was that it was in a bad place in the house. It's fine now. So it's possible too that the updates aren't disabling it but just that it was in a "dead zone" and now that I've moved it my connection is stable. So maybe the updates weren't the problem.