View Full Version : [ubuntu] Nautilus search does not work

September 24th, 2008, 03:33 AM
Earlier this week I was using nautilus to search for certain types of files. What I was searching for was image files, such as files ending in .png, .svg, .gif, or .jpg.

For several days this wwek, when I searched for the terms .svg or .png or .jpg, nautilus would typically find anywhere from 300 to 1,900 files.

Something has changed, because now if I search for any of these terms from the system root, nautilus starts looking, and then all of a sudden, the screen goes blank, and I am returned to /home/jim, with none of the files being found.

If I search on my NTFS (Windows) partition, nautilus search works fine, as it should. But if I search on my ext3 (Linux) partition, nautilus does not work.

As I said, nautilus search was working fine earlier this week, and now I can't search for anything. I cannot use another search tool either. I must use nautilus to do these searches, because I need to copy some of these files. The other search tools that are part of Ubuntu do not allow me to copy the files that they find.

Using synaptic package manager, I reinstalled nautilus, and this did no good.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?