View Full Version : [ubuntu] Blank Monitor issue

September 23rd, 2008, 10:24 PM
These are the hardware specifications for my system
M2A-VM motherboard
8 GB Ram
AMD Athalon x64 chip
250 MB SATA hd
6 USB ports
1 Memorax MultiRecorded DVD
Built in graphics
Built in sound
Samsung SyncMaster 152n monitor
64 bit Ubuntu 8.4

According to the manual that came with the system:
Integrated ATI Radepm x1250 based graphics
Dual VGA output support: DVI:D and RGB
Supports DVD-D with max resolution of 2560x1600@16hz
Supports RGB with max resolution of 2048x1536#85Hz

Realtek ALC683 High Definition Audio 6 Channel Codec
Supports Jack=sensing, enumarion and Jack-retasking technology.
Support S/PDIF out interface

When I first installed it, the screen resolution was wrong. (everything shook, and you couldn't tell what was supposed to be displayed.)
Rebooting the system, resulted in good picture.
I turned the system off.

When i booted it up again, several hours later, the startup proceed normally, with the splash screens, etc. Until just before log in is displayed.
At that point, the screen went blank.

Rebooting the system (Pressing the front on/off button for five seconds is supposed to be "safe"), results in the screen coming up with the wrong resolution --- image is shaking/jumping around.

Repeating that reboot (5 second switch) the screen comes up with a splash screen, but then turns blank.

Other than buying a real graphics card for this system, does anybody have any suggestions/pointers.

If I do need to buy a graphics card, the system has a PCI Express x16 slot for graphics. Any recommendations for a good, inexpensive card.