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September 23rd, 2008, 01:49 PM
Hi guys,
I decided to get off the microsoft bandwagon but am having a fair few problems. So here goes:

Sluggish (often cripplingly slow) when anything in Compiz is changed
Getting dodgey sound - nothing through Wine, unsure of the correct way so set up sound (using digital out to AV reciever)
Also poor FPS+performance trying to play Counterstrike through Wine (guess I'm looking for the correct way to set up my gfx card - nVidia 8600GT, hoping that'll fix it)
Youtube videos wont play after trying to install the player - get no sound and video only plays for about a second
Slow scrolling at times in Swiftfox (I understand this is a bug?)

Thanks for any suggestions, looking forward to having a smooth-running linux system to be the envy of my microsoft friends.

(will probably be helpfull to post my system specs, any easy way of printing them here, via terminal or..?)

September 23rd, 2008, 05:37 PM
I'll help where I can:

-useful to give specifications for your computer. Compiz is obviously a flashy thing that can require memory (is graphics card working?). Don't expect standard ubuntu to do lots of graphical things faster than windows.

- go into your ALSA mixer if you are getting sound but a bit weird (through menus). When you say crappy, is volume low or is it distorting or breaking up?

- which player are you using for you tube? A major problem with free opensource stuff is that many video/sound formats are copyrighted and thus are not free. You will have to do what most people do and get codecs which will play these formats. medibuntu package is available through universe/multiverse repositories (look in synaptic package manager and repositories, add these, then look in add programs). Also I use realplayer (for linux). Search for how to download this (will help you if you have probs).

- sorry can't help you with other stuff (I'm not a game player). However, most people will agree that windows is better for games. Rather than using wine (which will slow things down) before you install loads of stuff on ubuntu, have you instead considered a dual boot? (for this you need to install windows first). Truth is, ubuntu takes a fair bit of time to get up and running well and to your standard, but once it is it is a dream to use (and I find much faster than vista at least). Many times I have almost given up with ubuntu, but now I am extremely satisfied with my computer.

P.S. if you go for a dual boot, don't make the mistake of allocating too much to windows because files are bigger.. you can access windows files from ubuntu but once you get into ubuntu it feels like wasted space. I recommend at most 50% to windows.

sorry can't be more helpful, currently on a windows computer! feel free to ask more