View Full Version : Linux help wanted

September 23rd, 2008, 11:22 AM

my name is Tracyanne, I'm in Australia. I'm trying to find any
Linux users near Wilburton Oklahoma.

I have an internet friend there who is not very computer literate, and
who has a Windows machine that is infected with Virii. She is amenable
to the idea of replacing Windows with Linux. I suggested she get a copy
of a Live CD of Ubuntu or Mandriva, but what she really needs is some
help to get going. Preferabbly someone able to get her up and running,
and who can explain Linux too her, demonstrate her options, and able
to give her a bit of hand holding until she's ready to fly.

If there is anyone who can help, please let me know.



I can be contacted at f1ct10nal_d3ct1v3 at dodo dot com dot au