View Full Version : [ubuntu] GAMES - "KQ" (From synaptic) - FIRST SAVE POINT?

September 23rd, 2008, 04:58 AM

I feel like the biggest noob ever asking this question but I'm not sure my keyboard can endure anymore bashing due to frustration.

I downloaded the game "KQ" (from the package manager) and it looks amazing. I loved zelda on NES and it looks just as promising.

Ive played the beginning probably 20 times now and I always get pretty far only eventually to die from some ridiculous critical hit from an enemy which never should have kileld me in the first place.

Ive read a (very) few other posts asking where the first save point is only to search and come up disappointed.

WHERE THE HECK IS IT!?!?!??!?!??!!

Ive made it all the way to the third town (cleared the cave, rescued the mayor, fixed the bridge, and ALMOST made it back to the first town to return the letter to the old guy) and then always have inevitably died.

Please help me, call me a noob, and then tell me where it is.

Thank you,

P.S. Im not sure if the website which everyone seems to refer everyone else to is no longer up or what but I cant get to it --->http://kqlives.sourceforge.net/index.php/GameInfo?PHPSESSID=708df7c927d37ab6412cd9cb081b518 1<---