View Full Version : [ubuntu] help getting Bluetooth serial port to show

September 23rd, 2008, 01:30 AM
New to Ubuntu and using 8.04 on a laptop with integrated BT adapter. The Bluetooth app will connect to my phone and I can transfer files. I'm trying next to get it to use my phone to connect to the Internet. When I go to bluetooth preferences, the Serial Service is not running. Does this mean that it doesn't recognize that it's available as one of my phone's services? I can put a checkmark in the box and it says started, but it doesn't seem to add a new serial port to the list to connect to via dial-up-networking. I see tty/s0 through s3 in the network settings either way. In windows it would add a virtual com port once paired, then DUN would dial through that port. Should this work in a similar way? Can anyone help?