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September 23rd, 2008, 01:08 AM
I am, as you can tell, new.

I have been searching the Ubuntu forums and just now found the LoCo forums. It seems like a good idea, but I have some questions.

There seem to be 36 moderators, but only 26 posts in almost 11 months. I find that hard to come to grips with unless there is another secret forum that is used by the oathbound members, and is kept away from the general population.

From the technical posts I have read, I know that this forum is 'way' over my head.

I have no idea what an #IRC chat is or how to get one. I suspect, given the technical level of the users,as compared to mine, that that is for the best. :lolflag:

The Wiki seems to have some suggestions, but no Wiki. Again, perhaps there is another website or Wiki that is off the grid. It doesn't matter to me if there is, as it is none of my business, but it seems a waste of some really good space just to have sitting there unused.

I am not being aggressive or assaultive. I am not a trouble maker. I am just lost.

I have roamed around the web looking for Linux user groups in the last couple of days, and I found four sites with listings and requests from almost 200 different individuals in this area that were looking for a group. Most LUG web pages were 5 or more years since the last update. The one group I did find whose web page had been updated within the last 5 years, wanted $10 just to tell me who they are. That seems a little tight^%%$# to me. Not the money. The tone. I think it probably does to many others. This is an overwhelming process to someone who is basically a Windows invalid who is more used to point and click. I think there are a lot of people like me, people who do not do IT, or Design Nuclear weapons or spacecraft, for a living, who are starting to use Linux because of Ubuntu. Is there any portion of the forum that is geared towards them?

If anyone knows of such a forum or website, I would greatly appreciate a shoutout or a pointer.



September 24th, 2008, 09:50 PM
Okay. After an hour or so of search and thanks to one member putting a link in a message, I was able to find the Wiki. It is somewhat non-intuitive, but it does have a lot of information. Now I just have to learn all of the things I will need to know in order to know what most of the information means. Linux is a fun hobby.

I have pasted in the link below so that there will be two ways for new people to find it.


I notice from Wiki that there are 10 members listed. I am not certain how many actual members there are, but if more can figure out how to get there, maybe they will sign up. It is sad that there is no obvious link from the forum itself. Even a 'sticky' with all of the links would be nice.

I see that what I thought was a list of New Mexico forum moderators is in reality the list of Ubuntu forum moderators. I haven't been much of a forum guy simply because computers have not been my hobby. I suspect that if I am going to switch to Linux, that situation will have to change.

I am going to spend some happy hours now trying to figure out the irc chat structure in chatzilla. In another post, I asked for a complete coding of how to get there so that I (and others) could get there and start to figure this thing out. I love DIY Linux. The 'old school' way. I will post the results of my quest in another message so that the four or five hundred people with the same question will have an easier way to go.


September 26th, 2008, 04:53 AM
We have about 39 members with around 10 core members. I hope you made the meeting on the 25th. Be sure and sign up for the mailing list.

March 12th, 2011, 04:56 AM
I am new as well. Not necessarily to Linux or Ubuntu...tho at times it seems like it! However, I was living in Alabama before and was a member of that group. I moved to NM (I'm also in ABQ, Jim), but I never joined the NM group here. I decided to get back on the Ubuntu forum bandwagon so here I am.

I think I like Jim. ;O)

I also find it disheartening to read these cool messages only to then realize they were actually posted a couple of years ago. Anyway, maybe my new message to the board here will send a notification to someone and revive it.

Good to see you folks!

Oh, hey...any of you using Maverick? I just upgraded my Lucid laptop to it recently but haven't really noticed anything much different. Maybe if I did a fresh install somewhere I would. Anyway, wondering what everyone's perception is. My desktop still has Lucid on it. Haven't felt the need to bother just yet.

Earlier on, a few animal mascots ago my desktop effects worked fine. One upgrade they ceased to be able to be enabled, and with each release since, I still haven't been able to fix this problem. I don't get it...since they worked at one point, and I didn't change anything...no new graphics cards or anything...so I don't know what the deal is. I start reading the stuff to fix it and lose interest after seeing what all seems to be involved. Anyone got any simpler solutions? Why would it work before and not now? I hate upgrading...it always messes SOMETHING up that used to work!!


March 12th, 2011, 04:57 AM
Forgot to mention...my name is Chris.