View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu (server) not detecting IDE CD-ROM drive!

September 22nd, 2008, 09:37 PM
Hello, all. I am trying to install Ubuntu Server Hardy on my old-ish PC. It has a SATA 4.3GB HDD and an IDE CD-R Drive. (I'm also using the Alternate install)

Things I have done to make my system as up-to-date as possible:

I downloaded & burned the ISO file (new wireless N router made it much faster than before on a wireless B, by the way)
I updated my Award BIOS version from 1009.A to 1013.A, making it be able to boot into Ubuntu (the cutoff date is 2000 but the BIOS version was from 98).
Changed the boot sequence in BIOS from A,C to A,CDROM,C.

Things I have done to configure my system in different (experimental) ways:

Various BIOS settings changed based on ideas in other threads on this forum.
Changed the HDD-CDROM hardware config from HDD as Master0 & CDROM as Slave0 -> HDD as Master0 & CDROM as Master1.

Changed BIOS in subsequent config (I think)

(NOTE: that I had this error message before changing any of the hardware/BIOS config.)
And that's about it... I guess I'm thinking that I have problems with Hardware, but it still could be software.

Anyway... My error I'm getting comes up after the boot-up into Ubuntu Server's install process comes after (turns on computer to find out what exactly happens):
turn-on, wait for boot-up scripts->English language->Install Ubuntu Server, wait for start-up scripts->English->US->detect keyboard layout? no->origin of keyboard=USA->layout=USA->wait to detect CDROM drive...

Nothing happens! Specifically, I get an error message saying that "no common CD-ROM drive was found. You may need additional drivers from a driver floppy..."
So, since I don't have a driver floppy, I'm going to select "no"... which I did.

It now says that it may be an old Mitsumi or other non-IDE, non-SCSI CD-ROM drive. That's a little inaccurate, because my drive IS IDE.

It asks me to "manually select a CD-ROM module and device?" I select "yes", followed by "cdrom" OR "none" (either gives me the same options), and it gives me a directory prompt thing...:
"Device file for accessing CD-ROM:"

That's my problem... If I go and continue, I get a red error message that the install failed. What can I do now?

My dad even tried this (even though he's a whiz at Windows, not Linux), and helped me with the hardware configs and BIOS upgrade and such, but nothing's working! I need help, O nice people of the Internet!

I'm going to shut the system down, since it always gives the same trouble after the process... If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE respond ASAP. I don't care if it works or not, because we have more HDDs of the same size, but I really want to be able to run a web server.

Thanks again!