View Full Version : [ubuntu] Fonts in Firefox after looks awful

September 22nd, 2008, 08:34 PM
Hi everybody,

My first ubuntu installation was 5.10 (amd64), and then I upgraded
up to 7.10.

Since my first installation defaults fonts for Firefox looks awful, I
must change the defaults and not allow pages to set there own font if
I want to get a nice regular look.

I was hoping this problem could be solved during each of the upgrades
I've done, but it didn't so I decide to e-mail you to get some help.

The fonts that look awful are what in Firefox is called:
Helvetica, Times, Courier (not sure to what x-font they are mapped)

I've tried dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig, deleting font-cache directories in my home, deleting some bad looking fonts from the /usr/share/X11/fonts in an infinite combination of tries, and it didn't work.

Also deleting and reinstalling X and Firefox.

Any help (except install from scratch)
will be greatly welcome

Thanks in advance