View Full Version : Beginner C++ group projects.

September 22nd, 2008, 05:21 AM
Someone already asked this question on a different website better than me, so I'm just going to post it:

I've looked over sourceforge, and as expected, they're all looking for experience programmers. Well, I'm still new, and I'm just wondering if there might be some projects out there that might be better suited for those still training.

I don't mean practice projects. I'm looking for legitimate, sourceforge like projects. It doesn't have to be something where I jump right in as a developer. It could just be as a code reviewer/debugger.

Any ideas on this one?

October 1st, 2008, 11:21 PM
I don't know who I am replying to, but a very good question.
Let's confront the problem.

The problem is there are literally millions of programers fighting for a piece of the action.

Unfortunatly, the action is centered around certain criteria.

A. Need to be a 'NEO' crack shot programmer.

B. Need to be a 'NEO' crack shot hacker of the largest
OS in the world.

C. Need to know 'who' not 'what'.

But... If you ask google the right questions, (always fun)
you will get the answers.

I would suggest you start asking for volunteer work for any new or budding distro project / software house, and get some backed experience and refs to go for the bigger fish. Or..... Jump in the deep end and start developing and use your development as a reference.


maybe they can help get you some experience.