View Full Version : [ubuntu] 8.04 stops responding, mouse moves + doesn't click

September 21st, 2008, 03:46 AM

I have an Ubuntu 8.04 installation that keeps freezing. Loads up without a problem, shows desktop. After that, I can move mouse around, open first window (it could be anything... Firefox, apt-get, anything) and then it freezes. Mouse moves perfectly but doesn't click. Cannot click anything. Weird thing about it is the pointer can still move around. Hadn't seen this before.

Any tips or ideas on how to get this fixed? I don't want to re-install since I have a lot of valuable information, photos and such. Could you re-install w/o losing data, sort of like an update?

Let me know. Thanks.

finer recliner
September 22nd, 2008, 02:48 PM
something is using a lot of system resources. next time it happens do this:

1) hit ctrl+alt+F1 to switch to tty1
2) log in
3) type the command "top"
4) take note of any processes that are using a lot of memory of CPU cycles. remember their PID in the first column
5) hit the letter 'q' on you keyboard to quit the program "top"
6) if you know what process is using all your system resouces, and you deem it safe to stop (like firefox) then proceed to the next step
7) type "kill <PID>" where <PID> is the PID you found in step 4.
8 ) use "top" again to make sure the process is gone. if its not, try killing it again, but this time type "kill -9 <PID>" to force it to stop.
9) return to your desktop by hitting ctrl+alt+F7

hope this helps.