View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing Intel Graphics

September 21st, 2008, 12:54 AM
So, sometimes, not everytime, when I go fullscreen with a video (maybe divx only, I dont have any others) the computer totally locks up, goes black and will not switch to other views (by pressing ctrl-alt + f1 or so), so the only thing to do is to hold in the power button and restart the computer.

So I was thinking, maybe my laptop only had OK drivers from ubuntu and I should get others. So I found:

I was wondering 2 things:

First, would that possibly solve my problem, or is that doing nothing because thats already in ubuntu?

Second, if I do install these, is there anyway to get back to whats there already, because other than that glitch it works fine. (no raindrops :confused: )

It is a Gateway 200 ARC

Thanks for any input.