View Full Version : [all variants] Genius Mousepen cursor sticks

Leslie Viljoen
September 20th, 2008, 09:17 PM
I have been using the Wizardpen driver (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TabletSetupWizardpenHardy173) for a bit and it seems to be working fairly well - except that often I put down the pen and it's as if the cursor gets 'stuck' in Gimp/Inkscape, and won't start moving or drawing until I lift the pen and put it down again.

Inscape also quite often misses the picking up of the pen, so it keeps drawing even though the pen has lifted.

I wanted to try debugging myself, but I need a little guidance. If I want to put a printf into the code so that something will be written to the screen or a log file when input is detected, how/where do I do that?