View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ext. HD works with Ubuntu & XP but not Vista and Mac

September 20th, 2008, 07:02 AM
Hi guys, I have a Maxtor 3200 300GB external hd, but for some reason it works only with Ubuntu & Windows XP, but not with Windows Vista and Mac OSX. When I go to the harddrive "properties", under the Volume tab it says the filesystem is ntfs (3.1) and underneath that there is like a line or a section break and the next section says

Mount Point: /media/disk-1
Filesystem: fuseblk
rw nosuid nodev noatime relatime
Mount Options: user_id=0 group_id=0 default_permissions

What is "fuseblk"? I've looked at other threads and it seems Mac only supports FAT and FAT32 filesystems, but what about Vista? Shouldn't my ext. hd work with Vista since it is NTFS also? It works with XP just fine. Vista says the device is unreadable and needs to be formatted =/

Also, is it possible to partition my external harddrive so that one partition is NTFS and the other is FAT?