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September 20th, 2008, 03:09 AM
Alright so I am a new user to Ubuntu and I am testing it out. I have had a course in Unix so I am familiar with that and very avid user of vista/XP.

I got two problems here, the first one is getting my graphics card to work when I dual-boot Ubunutu. Let me rephrase, my graphics card works its more like trying to get Ubuntu to run in a more appropriate resolution and not 800x600. (Vista resolution is 1440x900) To let you know first off I have been searching for the past day and a half for a solution and have yet to find one. The first thing I did was run into (bare with me, im on the laptop that uses ubuntu and im on vista right now so i dont have it in front of me) but i went into Administrator -> Hardware Drivers. In there it had my nvidia display shown but it wasnt check marked and it said not in use. I clicked that and it went to download the drivers but it came up with some sort of 404 error. W: Failed to... something something.

Then I tried downloading from the NVIDIA website the 7150M drivers and installing them. Problem I had with that was after running it while in the black screen mode where or w/e it failed to give me a kernel or something. I forgot what but it was something along the lines of it couldnt get this thing off the nvidia website so its not gonna work.

I also tried getting envy? I did a command that someone said in the Ubuntu forums in which worked for them but it failed for me.

Does anybody have a quick, some-what simple solution just so I can run Ubuntu in a more proper resolution?

Thanks :guitar:

September 20th, 2008, 03:20 AM
I would try the Hardware Driver from System Administration again-that's the best way to get the driver. the 404 error may have meant the server was busy or there was a hiccup in your connection. Try again and let the thread know how that works.