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September 20th, 2008, 01:30 AM

I finally decided to install Ubuntu on my XP Pro SP3 computer. I made sure to defrag my computer before doing so. I followed the instructions located in "The Linux Starter Pack" of the magazine Linux Format. Although the process itself was very simple. I went through all the steps without a problem, and partitioned 30GB (20%) of my hard drive for Ubuntu.

It prompted me to restart my computer, then to remove the CD. Now the problem starts. The computer will show the Dell BIOS load screen, then go to the Mirror screen, but then it repeats back to the Dell BIOS load screen. HELP!

I never expected a problem with this install, so I am up a creek without a paddle in a bad way. I will try to list all the relevant information:

Dell XPS 700
150GB drives x2 Mirrored
XP Pro SP3
7900 GTX x2 SLI
Pentium D dual-Core
Wired internet
1 monitor

Ubuntu 8.04.1
downloaded from the Ubuntu website
copied to a CD, then used to install the OS

Could there be a problem with the fact that the hard drive is mirrored? I think I can break the mirror RAID since I can get to the Mirror screen, but I do not know how to specifically do that.


PS - I am posting this again, because someone posted another problem in the original thread. When browsing forums if people see a reply they will generally skip a thread, so that is why I am creating a new post. Please, anyone out there, I need some help.

September 20th, 2008, 01:51 AM
Well I eventually got XP to boot, and told it to revert back to its last known good configuration.

I will NEVER try a Linux OS again. What a waste of my time, and I pray that someday there will be a truely free easy to use OS. Until then I say to hell with Ubuntu and Linux, Im staying with Windows. I thumb my nose at you Linux.

Note to all those interested in Linux:
Ignore all the "easy to install instructions for Ubuntu/Linux", and look at these forums, I swear there are more entries here than a windows forums site. Be aware when trying this OS out, as it may cause you to lose your computer.