View Full Version : [ubuntu] computer gets stuck in hibernation.

September 19th, 2008, 11:49 PM
relatively new ubuntu user, and ubuntu is my first and so far only linux distribution. i'm running it on a hp pavilion a6500f desktop. i run ubuntu and ubuntu studio on different partitions. this primarily pertains to the standard version, though i don't know if i'd have this problem with studio because as of yet i havn't really experimented with it.

I used the power saving settings to go into power saving mode after 20 minutes. the computer powers down, and the green power button on the top of the tower turns amber. most of the time, i can wake the computer up by just hitting a button on the keyboard or shaking up the mouse.

twice yesterday, it wouldn't wake up no matter what i tried, requiring a hard boot. any ideas of what could be causing it, if it could be bad for my computer, and how it can be corrected?

and generally - in terms of being good for your computer - whats the best way to manage power? turn it off at the end of the night or let it hibernate?

i worry that having to hard boot the computer two or three times a day will shorten the life of my computer so i'm thinking of making a switch if i can't fix it. i strongly prefer gnome to kde or xfce, but you think that might be the root of it? and i hope it doesn't come down to trying another distro - although i am the phase of my linux experimentation where i've had some real success with ubuntu and am curious about what else is out there. . . . .

any ideas would be appreciated