View Full Version : Home Office/SMB Server Cabinets

September 19th, 2008, 09:48 PM
As I'm guessing other users here have, I utilize a few boxen for different things. To cut down on noise, as well as to save space and reduce clutter, I bought and rebuilt two cheap Home Depot kitchen cabinets (36" units each) that I use to house my firewall/router/switches/UPS's/modem as well as 4 other boxen that provide various services (samba, nfs, etc) and I've been playing with cooling them for a year+ now. Being many minds are better then one (what use for a mind anyway :) ) here's what I'd like some input and suggestions on.

Each cabinet has one 5" holes in the bottm front corners for intake, and one 5" hole in the upper rear for exhaust. I use one 120mm 12V fan in each exhaust port and rigged up some 6" ducting that go straight up, into the ceiling and blow into the next room.

My office is in my basement and is usually 70-76F. One cabinet has more hardware than the other and stays around 5F warmer then ambient, while the other stays around 7F warmer. I use two IR temperature sensors and a remote monitor to keep an eye on things, as well as running lm-sensors on the boxen. I explained, and ask this because, if (say in the summer) my office is 76F, the temps inside the cabinets rise quiet a bit more then the 5-7F I mentioned above. Any ideas for improvement? I'd be happy to post some photo's some where if anyone is interested.