View Full Version : [ubuntu] Canon PIXMA iP2200 via SAMBA

September 19th, 2008, 02:28 PM
Hi! I'm trying to set up network printing from my Ubuntu Hardy machine to a server running Win2003 Server. Printer is Canon PIXMA iP2200. It does work from any Windows machine around. I'm trying to access the printer via SAMBA. I've read lots of manuals and done everything right. But the symptoms are unlike anything i read about. I got my driver from Canon web site. I've added the printer to the system. It seems to be ok. When I try to print the job is added to the queue and it says the printer is actually working. Then in some 6-8 seconds the job disappears from the queue just as if printing was finished! The printer itself shows no reaction at all. No led-blinking, no sounds - nothing! But CUPS says "Unable to start filter "pstocanonij" - No such file or directory." I tried to find it, but i couldn't. If anybody could send me (if you have Canon iP too and also have that file in /usr/lib/cups/filter) it would be great! Any suggestions are welcome. Probably, I can use another filter? Then please explain: how? I will gladly provide any additional information. Thanks in advance.