View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dell laptop Fan in Hardy. Necessary?

September 19th, 2008, 01:50 PM
Hello All.
I've just installed ubuntu on my dell inspirion 6400 laptop (e1505 in the states i think?)
Everything is working great but i am a bit concerned about the temperature control. Last time i tried out ubuntu was version 6.06 and back then i remember people talking about that you need i8k to control the fans.. otherwise your laptop disintegrate in a ball of fire was the warning.

My question is: Is this still the case with version 8.04

I installed i8k-utils and gkrellm just to check it out and i got grellm to work with no problems.. but the thing is i couldn't figure out how to run gkrellm in the background, and my nice eye-pleasing desktop explodes in ugliness with gkrellm running on it.

I tried using the i8kmon util instead just by adding it to sessions / Run programs at start.. (with: i8kmon -a -d) but after a reboot i can't see the process in ps -A.
How do you have it run at start-up?

One last thing when I started i8kmon manually it seems like it turns the fan on and off in a high frequency. This is fairly annoying behavior. Any way to change that?

Hope someone can give me the lowdown on how to work out these things.. its the last little annoying thing before ubuntu runs perfect.