View Full Version : [ubuntu] A "syndrome" of problems.. related to?

September 19th, 2008, 08:07 AM

First, I love Ubuntu, and everything it stands for.

But I have problems. I suspect hardware related, as nobody I know or have ever seen has the same number of issues as I do.

First, and always, flash sound does not work, nor has it ever worked. I have gone flashlib, alsa, adobe, and everything in between. I have had it fixed and working for several minutes since switching to ubuntu over a year ago. I have tried it all and failed. I have reinstalled several times (even reburned) just for that issue alone.

Second. Firefox crash every time I open a couple of pages with some media on it. Not so much youtube (no sound of course), but java stuff. (I also don't know what I am talking about, so bear with me).

Third. I get a "dpkg install packg a" every once in a while. then my splash screen will either go to a command line type screen, and sit there forever talking about msql passwords, then dpkg stuff, then just sit there. Once it is like this, my screen res goes crazy. After much fiddling and doing things I really don't know, I can get back in. My envy is unticked, and my monitor res allows me 3 resolutions that are not native or appropriate to my monitor. My vid card sounds like a jet engine, and my graphics are like an 8 bit coleco vision. I cannot "autodetect" anything. If I tick envy, it installs something, then asks for system restart. Once I do that, I go around and around.

My system
3800X2/ nvidia 7800gt / asrock 1695uli <-- I suspect the culprit here/3gigs ram.

Anyways, since everything is bonkers I cannot expect much, and all of my resistance to going back to windows and dealing with virus scans, and exe files, and $200 licenses is starting to weaken.

Anyone else in pain here? Or is it just me?

September 19th, 2008, 08:37 AM
If you suspect the ram, why not run memtest. It is on the livecd as well as in the grub start menu.

When trying the howto's always make bakcups of any files you are about to change, that way you can revert back to the defaults if the changes don't do as expected.