View Full Version : [ubuntu] Short cut Tab keys?

September 18th, 2008, 05:39 PM
I think Ubuntu is great because I don't have to go touching my mouse as often as my windows.

But, on thing I would like to figure out is how to not use my mouse for webpages. Often I have to tab through plenty of links to get to the link I want and in most cases it is better to just use the mouse. I was wondering if there was a way of making it so I can browse through links faster without having to use the mouse or tab through a hundred links. Maybe there is some program out there that lets me just simply hold alt and press WSAD to snap through links on a webpage or something?

Anyone know how to help?

September 18th, 2008, 06:13 PM
I have the option Search for text when I start typing enabled. That way I can reach a link rather quickly; I just type a few letters from the link text.

September 18th, 2008, 07:44 PM
Thats pretty niftey but it doesnt work for everything. I.E image links, search bars, or buttons that don't have text. Definitely still useful though.

Also, sometimes when I'm using it I can't use space bar to scrool down because it is in the quickfind mode. How do i cancel out of the quickfind mode?

September 20th, 2008, 06:05 PM