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September 18th, 2008, 03:45 AM
Hey Guys,

I am in the market for a cheap, school laptop. I don't want gaming, I don't need any froo-froo, but one I am looking at and really liking, is an Acer Extensa for $499 at BestBuy, and it has a Radeon Xpress 1250. Well I have had the ubuntu-radeon Nightmare before with my x1650 Pro, is the same true for that chip? What do you all think, success or fail getting Ubuntu to run proficiently with an Xpress 1250? (On my Desktop, and my 1650Pro, I can run any resolution easily, however I max out at 3-5fps on 2D Games I get 400-500fps in Windows, and I can not use any of the visualizations.. well.. once I could.. but it was SO SLOW!) Anyway, thanks guys.