View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation SUCCESS! GATEWAY M-6750 - Ubunu 8.04

September 17th, 2008, 06:44 PM
I see nothing on the forum about this laptop so I thought the gurus might want to know.

I'm pretty much a Linux newbie, but not a tech newbie. I installed Ubuntu 8.04 (not listed as tested compatible) I read on a Linux forum another guy had no success but thought I'd try it anyways. At first not all my hardware was detected, but I ran every update and every program available, not knowing what I may or may not need but having enough juice in this laptop to install it all now and remove what I might not want later I figured, why not try? Hell, it was running VISTA!!! What could be worse? Sure enough, ALL my drivers were found!!!!! Even the infamous Marvell wireless NIC, known to be an issue in Linux. So mark this laptop down in list of compatible winners. :)

So far, I like the feel of Ubuntu and after trying a couple of other versions of Linux I think this is my fave. Thank you to you hard working developers.

Now, that's hardware. Software will be my problem because I haven't played with Linux much until recently when I decided to create a bonfire with my Microsoft certifications, quit my job, roast marshmallows and see a psychiatrist. Playing with Ubuntu will be fun though and I'm enjoying learning it's ins and outs.