View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using auxiliary inputs on Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus to capture from satellite

September 17th, 2008, 08:58 AM
Hi all,
System : HP Server running Ubuntu 8.04 (server) with Hauppauge NOVA-S-Plus and Sky satellite receiver. Using MythTV as media backend.

I have managed to get my Hauppauge card to pickup the Freeview satellite channels via the coaxial input, no probs. What I would like to do now is to use the auxiliary input ports (so s-video + audio) to capture the input from my Sky box (for the scrambled pictures).

So with one card I'm trying to get two inputs into MythTV backend; one the coaxial and the other the s-video (which would be fed from the scart out on my Sky box). I've just played around with mythtv-setup a bit but can't seem to be able to distinguish between the two input sources in the card. Is this even possible ?

Can anyone help please?
Tks vm,