View Full Version : [ubuntu] Difficulty with a Liteon DVD ROM

Roger Kauffman
September 17th, 2008, 08:56 AM
I am currently running Hardy 8.04 as primary OS on a machine that includes Xp SP3 in a dual boot arrangement.

My machine has an Intel mother board and has a Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz cpu with 3 GB ram.

The machine has a Pioneer DVD burner and is also equipped with a Liteon ATAPI DVD ROM model DH16D2P.

My problem is that the machine works perfectly under Xp, however under Linux if any sort of a disk is placed in the DVD ROM, Linux freezes totally.

If the disk is manually removed from the drive the OS then crashes and goes into a reboot mode.

If a disk is in the drive during boot the system freezes the same way.

I would be grateful for any advice. :(