View Full Version : Firefox 3: can't create top-level bookmark folders

September 17th, 2008, 04:46 AM
In Firefox 3, the bookmarks are grouped under three top level folders:

Bookmarks toolbar, Bookmarks menu, and Unsorted bookmarks.

I cannot find any way to add extra top level folders. If I create a new folder, it's always in one of those three. I don't like this; I want to be able to organize my bookmarks the way I want them organized, not the way someone else thinks is kewl.

I've been using Netscape, and later Firefox, since Netscape 0.99 and heretofore all releases have stored the bookmarks as an html file, so you could organize them more or less any way you want.

Now it seems like the firefox developers have had a bright idea and decided to thrust it down everyone's throat, even though it reduces functionality.

Am I wrong? Is there a way of creating new top level bookmark folders? Or am I doomed to life with a bookmark system I don't much care for. Is there anyway of telling Firefox 3 to kiss off the "smart bookmarks" and just implement nice simple stupid bookmarks?