View Full Version : [ubuntu] QuodLibet tray icon w/ fluxbox

September 15th, 2008, 10:51 AM
I recently dropped metacity for fluxbox as a window manager (both hardy repos).

Everything is fine except the behavior of the QuodLibet tray icon. When some apps open, the main QuodLibet window pops up from its tray icon, just as if I invoked it (but I didn't).
For example, this happens when file-roller opens and displays the content of an archive. Suddenly, QuodLibet appears on top of every other window.
It also happens when Epiphany shows the donwloads in progress window, and with a few other apps.

it didn't behave like this under metacity. I tried with a few other music players (Rhythmbox, Banshee...) and none of these have this popping up behavior.

Does someone have an idea, experienced the same thing, have a tip, for QuodLibet to remain in it's tray when minimized? I don't want to switch to another player since I meet a blocker with each one of them (Rhythmbox segfaults, Banshee hangs up for a long time when sorting 10k+ files, Amarok is Qt, Exaile fails to index my whole library...)

Thanks in advance :)