View Full Version : Anyone know way to export Gnucash to Moneydance?

November 18th, 2005, 08:59 PM
I went from Quicken 2004 (after being a Quicken user for many years) to using Gnucash the first of June. I recently learned of Moneydance and like it. Anyone know of a way to get my Gnucash file exported over to Moneydance? Moneydance will import a .qif file, but I haven't found a way to export Gnucash to .qif. It's no major deal, I figure as late in the year as it is I'll just continue with Gnucash until the end of the year and start 2006 fresh in Moneydance. Then I'd only have to set up my accounts with starting balances. But if I can find a way to transfer that would be sweet.