View Full Version : [kubuntu] Internet Issues On School Network; Windows Works Fine

September 14th, 2008, 11:28 PM
I'm having some puzzling issues on my kubuntu partition that did not exist before I moved onto my school's campus. While some of my applications that use the internet work fine (I can browse the web with no slowdown), a lot of my stuff is affected by a lag that's so bad that it renders the program unusable (though it should be noted that connections ARE going through -- they are just extremely lagged). For the life of me, I can not figure out what's the difference between the programs that are experiencing the slowdown.

In Pidgin, my MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Instant Messengers connect instantly. However, it can often take up to twenty minutes for my AOL and IRC accounts to manage to connect, and even then, they're prone to disconnects. World of Warcraft, which I run under wine, is similarly affected -- it occasionally manages to make a connection, but disconnects very quickly afterwards. I also use telnet to connect to several multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and they have the problem where they CAN connect, but it's extremely laggy, and information scrolls broken up into large textual chunks with significant loading time in between them.

This is very vexing to me. :( I'm having problems with my Windows partition that are unrelated (honestly, before I moved onto this campus, I hardly ever booted into it), and I'd really prefer to just be able to not boot into it at all, but the aforementioned problem more or less forces me.

Editing for clarity: everything works perfectly in Windows partition; it's on kubuntu that I have these issues. I'd guess that rules out the possibility of it being a problem with the wireless connection itself.