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September 12th, 2008, 03:26 AM
hi i too was unsure about updating as i would always prefer to update at any time to a stable version which has been tested, was reading ubuntu somewhere as always and read that it instead of upgrading to hardy / or 8.04 that it was wiser to upgrade gradually through the lts, then i read it was advised to go through im at 6.06 lts, first 6.10/ or edgy, then 7.04 then up i got hold of a alternative download but di not complete that because i read that you must have all the update if youre going to updat/upgrade i didnt have them all so how do you find out? plus i have always had this thing going wrong with synaptic or update manager and like a lot of other people on here had the error message that i needed to download java/6 sun and neede to get them lwned through root/root and needed the one of the archives this i think was a bug?
so i am still stuck at how to either remove that error or download another java or link the java with either lynx or firefox i still dont know i have tried a lot of others advise on this and have tried the terminal going in and getting sudo-apt install-java, and i just as some other person suggested to say no,or the other option is abort the installation
help me please this is begnning to really unerve me as im also trying to study and get onto wireless broadband

September 13th, 2008, 06:36 AM
Read this about updating (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=849915).

If you have 6.06, you have to upgrade to 8.04 directly. 6.10 is no longer supported, and the more upgrades you do, the more likely a problem will occur.

The best way to upgrade is to clean install, i.e., use a cd to install the operating system. If you need help doing that, we will help you.

November 8th, 2008, 07:11 AM
thanks again sef, is the upgrade manager going to work if synaptic, doesnt work properly, im just not sure how the upgrade manager works and i think it is important, to know these things if you are going to be any good with ubuntu

November 8th, 2008, 09:55 AM
What kind of problems with synaptic do you have?If you can describe problem/error somebody will help you with that.When you fix that you can upgrade with Hardy alternate CD,or as Sef adviced do a clean install.