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September 12th, 2008, 07:45 AM
I have a question for anyone (educated) who'll listen.

For the past year or so, I've been very excited by the Nokia N810, the OpenMoko FreeRunner, and the Pandora.

I restrained myself in regards to the N810, but went ahead & bought the FreeRunner. Now, with the Pandora coming, as a GP2X owner, I feel compelled to (in other words, I WILL) buy a Pandora as well. Plus, I'm up for a free AT&T phone (3G!) whenever I'm ready for a new contract.

So, my question is this: with the Pandora coming, does anyone in my situation (if they even exist) have an opinion on

A. sticking with FreeRunner (even though my Treo 650 is WAAAAY more functional) and hope that, at some point, I can tether the Pandora to the FreeRunner at GPRS speeds; In the meantime:

1. get an AT&T Tilt to throw on ebay (I won't use a WinMo phone day-to-day)
2. get an AT&T Treo 680 (GPRS, not 3G -- use it daily to replace my aging 650)
3. Don't sign a 2-year contract yet -- something better's coming...

B. ebay the FreeRunner, get the Pandora, and try to tether it with a new 3G AT&T phone (which one?)
C. Keep the FreeRunner, grab the Pandora and let the community (slowly) catch up (why not get a 3G phone in the mean time?)
D. Sell them both & get an iPhone (if you pick this, you should close your account on UbuntuForums!)

I fully intend on getting a Pandora, since my GP2x is COMPLETELY awesome, and the Pandora looks to be 10x the machine my GP2x is, but I'm just curious what the community would do, given my current situation.

For those who're curious, I'm running FSO. It's pretty functional, but it's still missing quite a bit that I love about my Treo. I'm afraid the Moko will take a couple of years to catch up to what I love about my Treo.

I welcome any thoughts from the Ubuntu community, as I am a little torn on what to do here.

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September 12th, 2008, 07:52 AM

Oh man your on the wrong forum.