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September 11th, 2008, 05:02 PM
are you tired with outdated features like "burnt chicken"? are you tired of not being able to peer through the door to se whats cookin'. there are many new features included in Windows Vista MW™ (windows vista microwave edition) such as Direct Chicken 11, for the very best experience in chicken! upgrade today and benefit from these new and impressive features! there are several editions of Vista MW™ for you to chose from. each has different features to best fit in with your lifestyle:

Vista MW home basic: new features such as "pizza express" "tea" and the latest greatest feature - toaster (note: this version doesnt include standard components like "door transparency" of "timer"

Vista MW home premium: all new features to replace your traditional cooker with features such as "grille" and "oven"

Vista MW business: all features of home premium with the added feature of "coffee" and "timer"

vista MW ultimate: all features combined into the ultimate microwave!

so... how do i upgrade to windows vista?

things you will need:

windows vista disk
usb cable
tomato ketchup

1) get your disk placing it shiny side up on the microwave

2) place usb cable on top of disk

3) add desired amount of ketchup

4) switch on microwave

5) THEN RUUUUN! and hide under your bed

congratulations. . . you now have windows vista MW!

disclaimer: i am not responsible for any explosions that may occur during installation. it is at your own risk, i am also not responsible for any ketchup stains on carpets or clothes

MW and the MW symbol are trademarks of paulosoft inc use of the mw symbol may result in repossession of your microwave.

September 11th, 2008, 05:04 PM
That was funny! +1

September 11th, 2008, 05:25 PM
That reminds me of a funny video when someone installed linux on a Microwave, a Wii, a phone, a DS, a door, a toliet and a human.

September 11th, 2008, 05:39 PM
"VISTA" (spelled VISHTA) in my language (Lithuanian), means female chicken. So that upgrade to microwave oven is one of the best :popcorn:

September 11th, 2008, 05:42 PM
Very good :D

September 11th, 2008, 05:44 PM

September 11th, 2008, 05:59 PM
Here's the best way to "install" Vista


September 11th, 2008, 06:08 PM
Nice. Funny too.

I actually had a friend this happened to (not the shredder part though). His newly built system (he built it himself) with a dual core processor, 2 gigs ram, etc, etc...all name brand stuff...and Vista wouldn't load. At all. And he couldn't take it back because the package was opened. A nice $400 coaster. He installed his XP with no problem...still couldn't upgrade to Vista. I'm working on getting him to go with a GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) distro...

September 11th, 2008, 08:21 PM
That was funny! +1


this post was actually inspired by a rerun of braniac (they like putting stuff in microwaves)

September 11th, 2008, 08:27 PM
Yeah, Brainiac was the coolest :P Sadly, no longer plays in Germany (not even reruns). They did stick a disk into a microwave once, it doesn't explode, but it's lots of nice lights :P The foil on the disk burns up in a magnesium-bright light, looks cool :P Rofl, found it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Wegnjmd-8

Funny stuff!

September 29th, 2008, 01:39 PM
Hah only just seen this, was pretty amusing

Hyper Tails
October 13th, 2008, 02:58 AM
:lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag: :lolflag:

October 19th, 2008, 12:03 AM

Seriously. I wonder if you can install vista in a BlendTec Total Blender. We should contact that funny '50 spokesperson guy who does those "Will It Blend?" videos. Tom Dickson


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