View Full Version : [ubuntu] A couple of pypanel issues

September 10th, 2008, 11:07 PM
I've recently switched to Openbox + Pypanel etc, and its great, so snappy and I'm very happy with it, except for 2 minor things (things I havent seen fbpanel do, but I think pypanel is slightly nicer).

1. If flickers, sometimes a lot. Seems to happen mainly on notifcation stuff from Firefox/Opera/Thunderbird. Ive turned off as much of the notification stuff as I can, but the odd one still happens and occasionally pypanel just goes mad and doesnt come back unless I kill it. It does happen on other apps/popups but Ive mainly noticed it with those 3. Any ideas?

2. I have dual screens, one 1680x1050 and one 1280x1024, and I have the panel on the 1680 screen. I have the width of the panel set to 1680 and when it starts and for an unspecified period of time, its fine. But eventually I will notice that the righthand end has started to stretch off screen (onto the other one), with part of the clock disappearing. I've had a look at the config file and can find nothing obvious there. Any ideas on how to stop it stretching?

Otherwise everything else is dandy, I've even written a couple of small python scripts to do certain things I needed (one to list folder contents in certain manner, the other for a basic GTK calendar to launch when you click the clock). I would rather not switch back to fbpanel, but will do most likely if I cant fix those 2 small niggles.


September 11th, 2008, 07:06 PM
I also get pypanel flicker from system tray notifications from Firefox and Claws-Mail with Openbox, but I'm using Arch Linux, so it's probably not Ubuntu specific. If I find out more I'll post here.