View Full Version : [ubuntu] Case Sensativity in Nautilus

September 10th, 2008, 08:22 AM
So I'm trying to get my wife to use Ubuntu instead of windows and am restricted to appeasing her with Windows like simplicity. So I'm stuck in a loop.

She wants to use Picasa to export photos and then upload them to myspace but once they are exported and she browses to them from myspace, they do not appear in the folder (in nautilus) because the extensions are exported in caps, yet myspace has a lower case .jpg extension that is locked (when browsing for the files in nautilus) and cannot be changed.
The way I see it the fault is on all three ends. Picasa should allow you to customize the type of extension or at least change upper/lowercase. Myspace should not restrict you to one .jpg extension, and (dare I say) Linux should have an easy to implement option of being case insensitive (well not in bash but at least in gnome).
I would be happy if nothing else, Nautilus was case insensative as that will save me from being forced into switching her computer back to windows.
Please help as the dreaded beast of DRM may soon rise again should my wife have her way.