View Full Version : [kubuntu] more kubuntu install errors...

September 10th, 2008, 06:35 AM
So I did have Windows-until I found Ubuntu. But I decided to step up another notch and go with Kubuntu. I went to install it, and oh no!!

I am assuming I messed up my ISO CD when I burned it (after I had problems I checked the disk, and sure enough there was an error in 1 file... should have played it safe.)

The install of Kubuntu failed. (The newest version). It stopped at 61% of copying files and said that the install failed, but still booted Kubuntu, which I assume was from the CD itself.

The next time I tried to boot up my computer, I got the "Error 15, which is saying that Grub don't work.

I can still run the LiveCD, but that is it. I can not boot from any other CD besides Kubuntu when I start my computer. I have the Ubuntu CD as well, and that will also not work. How in the world do I fix this? And why are random words in my message red? (haha... I can still laugh even though I'm EXTREMELY upset at this laptop.)

Since I can't burn a CD from the LiveCD, I ordered a Kubuntu CD to try to use that to re-install since my computer will boot off of their CD. But I don't want to wait and would rather clear this up myself...

Any suggestions??