View Full Version : [gnome] Window list not working

September 9th, 2008, 09:33 PM
Hi there,

I have installed ubuntu 7.0.4 from the official dvd I purchased. I updated all packages. And window list applet in the panel is not working, no windows appear in it. I have enabled desktop effects, even when I disable them it does not change. Alt-Tab works, and I use that a lot, but I would like to be able to see all windows that are open in the lower gnome-panel.

I have quite a few issues, and no, I do not consider myself a noob ;-), I have had compiz working since it came out, sort of ... I have been hacking all sorts of config files in the past, but have grown tired of it. So, on a fresh new hd I installed ubuntu 7.0.4 from scratch. I have been using ubuntu since Dapper Drake, away from Suse 9, I had been using Suse intensely since 7.2. (I have been using slackware on a different box for years at some point as well)

And yet, I do not know why this does not work! Window selector works, go figure. I have added three window list applet, all empty.