View Full Version : [ubuntu] Making programs and certain terminal windows immune to global hotkeys - please

September 9th, 2008, 01:43 AM
Hello! Salut!
I just wanted to know if someone could help me.

I am currently running the latest Intrepid testing with the Gnome desktop.
I have a problem with the way the global-hotkey system works in gnome and I need a way to disable it for specific programs and specific terminal windows.

For example, I frequently load up MC (midnight commander) in a terminal and all the CTRL, ALT, and F** keys are intercepted by the global hotkey daemon which destroys a lot of keyboard functionality.
How do I make any instance of MC immune to hotkeys or terminal window hotkeys? I know that under Gnome terminal I can goto the 'Edit' menu and disable keyboard shortcuts, but the settings never seem to stay, and there is no way to differentiate whether keyboard settings apply to specific terminal windows or not, it seems to be an all or nothing deal.

I realize that gnome-terminal can be run from a command line with options, but after trying it a few times it seems like the options are hard coded somewhere else in a configuration file because if I try to run the terminal with specific command line options it just ignores them.

Also, I need to know how to make certain compiled binaries immune to hot-keys. For example, I compiled Tux Commander but when I try to hit ALT-F7 the hot-key daemon intercepts and issues the command as 'move window'. So the cursor changes to a hand and now the window is stuck to the hand until I hit a key or button.

I do like these hot-keys, they come in handy for misbehaving windows, so disabling them completely isn't an option. Trying to map keyboard shortcuts so they don't interfere with every program I run is also near impossible, as every program I use has several key combination's that interfere no matter what I do. So what I need is a way to make binaries "exempt" from keyboard shortcuts, or even better, have keyboard shortcut profiles for each program and terminal profile.

Can anyone help explain it to me? I know this is probably a trivial issue for most of you experts.

Thank you!