View Full Version : strange ways to lose an internet connection

November 17th, 2005, 10:34 AM
I doubt whether anyone noticed, but I haven't been on line for the past three days. The reason, the aerial/dish I used for my wireless Internet connection was run over by a truck!

No jokes, due to accessibility problems at my house, the receiver was installed precariously low and positioned around a corner. As it happened, we had some people deliver material to us and they reversed right into it!

Well, two grand (in ZAR terms) later, I again have Internet. The dish has now been installed a little higher up, so no one should be able to drive into it anymore.

So, has this kind of thing happened to anyone else?

November 17th, 2005, 10:58 AM
Some time ago, when I was still living in a student apartment, I had a shared connection with my other guys living in same house. One day I came home, switched my computer on and there was no connection. After a phone call to my ISP who said that connection should be ok, I decided to check that our ADSL-modem (located in our shared livingroom) is ok.. It wasn't, actually, it wasn't even there anymore!

What had happened was that our janitor had been there to fix some things, and she had thought that the box with all the cables and blinking lights was just left lying around useless, so she took it with her to office.. Well, it was friday evening and the office was already closed when I found that out so I had to wait till monday to get my modem back..