View Full Version : [ubuntu] Weird panel issues on Gateway ML6732

Nameless Neko
September 7th, 2008, 09:16 PM
I just installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop, a Gateway ML6732, and I'm having issues with the panels on it. The bottom panel is sorta floating a bit off the bottom of the screen and won't dock to it, and both the top and bottom panels aren't extending all the way to the right edge of the screen, rather stopping about 4/5 of the way. I'll post screenshots if necessary after I get the wireless on it up and running.

Edit: Ok, it decided to dock, but I haven't tried rebooting to see if it'll stay there on after rebooting yet.
Edit 2: On going to reboot, only part of the screen darkens like it should, covering the areas where the panels were originally. Sorta an eyesore. :(
Also, when logging in, the background only covers that same area.